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Malton Brewery

brewery2mbc logoThe Malton Brewery Company was established in 1984 by Geoff Woollons, Colin Sykes and the late Bob Suddaby. Geoff began his career in Malton in 1948 with Russells & Wrangham brewery before moving to Birmingham, where he became a well-respected brewer with the Bass group at their Mitchells & Butlers and Highgate Breweries.

During the sixties and seventies when the brewing industry was undergoing major changes, Russells & Wrangham and another small brewery in the town called Roses were bought by the larger groups. Slowly they were wound down and eventually Malton lost its brewing heritage.

Geoff was keen to re-establish brewing in Malton and on taking early retirement from Bass in 1981 he returned to his native Yorkshire and embarked on the task.

The location wasn’t hard to find as Suddaby’s Crown Hotel – a Georgian coaching inn with stables at the rear – had been run by Geoff’s wife’s family for over four generations. He realised that not only would the converted stables offer the ideal site for the brewery but the pub run by his brother-in-law Bob Suddaby would provide his first and guaranteed outlet!

Geoff and Bob were joined by Colin Sykes, a keen amateur brewer, and after careful planning and a great deal of hard work the first pint was pulled on the 13th February 1985.

Malton Brewery ceased brewing on the premises in 1998 and the beers are now made and bottled by the Cropton Brewery, to the original recipes.


Neil and Geoff outside the brewery, 1986